When Cindrella is a little girl, her father loves her so much and she lives like a princess. One day her father and her are invited to the royal tea party, but she gets messy while playing with her puppy! Hurry up and help her get prepared! First we need to tidy her up. Then choose the most cute outfits perfect for the royal tea party! Have fun!
Rapunzel is proud of her long and glowing locks. But one day when she wakes up, she found her hair are in big trouble! There are head lice, hair loss and hair damage. She is totally freaked out. Luckily you have some hair beauty secrects to fix her issues. Let's play this fun doctor and makeover game to find out how to cure Rapunzel's hair issues! Use different tools and treatments to help Rapunzel regain her lux and beautiful long locks! Have fun!
Your best friend asked you to take care of her baby doggy while she was travelling. It's not that easy to look after a puppy, you know. Play this fun baby doggy day care game and make this cute doggy happy. He could get hungry, thirsty or dirty so you need to feed him and give him a nice bath. He even needs some outdoor activities like training and playing. Take him to the toilet and give him some intelligence training as well! Have one day fun with baby doggy!
Christmas is the most busy time in Christmas town. Everyone is preparing for the holiday. On their way to deliver presents for kids, Santa, little Christmas elf, snowman and Yeti got their feet injured. As the doctor, could you help them cure their injuries? Prepare your tools, medicine and use your great skills to treat their feet. Make sure to cure them because they need to deliver Christmas gifts all over the world!
Christmas is the time for love, but also a time for delicious food! Let's

learn how to make adorable Christmas cupcakes for Christmas party. First

let's create some basic cupcakes. Then decoration is the fun part! You

could create reindeer cupcakes, Christmas tree cupcakes and other Christmas

related elements. They look so adorable and also very delicious! Have fun

and merry Christmas to you all!
Ariel wants to host a new year party. She prepared for food and decoration, now she needs to go shopping for her own party dress and accessories. Enter each fashion store and select perfect party items for Ariel so she will look stunning. Have fun!
Emily is a bohemian lover. She loves everthing Aztec. Let's take a look at her closet and choose your favorite items like a high-waist dress, a midi skirt or a cardigan scarf. Use your talent and make design these items with aztec elements and patterns. After the design, mix and match her accessories to complete the look. Don't forget to create a nice hairstyle for her, too! Have fun!
Thankgiving is not complete without homemade pumpkin cake! Play this cute cooking game and learn how to bake a delicious pumpkin cake. Use your talent to decorate this cake with antumn ornaments and turkey decorations. Have fun!
Rapunzel is the most popular girl in high school. Not only does she get straight "A"s at scores, she is also the school fashion queen. Do you want to learn from her makeup skills and fashion tips? Play this fun game called Rapunzel High School Queen and give Rapunzel a cute makeup look and select the most cute outfits for school. Have fun!
My little pony princess needs a fashion makeover. Let's get started!

Frist give pony princess a really nice and bubbly bath. Tidy her up and

comb her hair. Then change her hairstyle, tail, body colors and

accessories. Create a lovely pony princess that's perfectly your

fantasy! Have fun!
The queen of Arendelle Elsa had 2 beautiful twins abd today they are celebrating their

first birthday! She needs your help take care of the babies. Let's start with a nice and

comfortable bath. Then select really beautiful birthday outfits for both of them. Enjoy

the royal birthday party with the royal twin babies!
Rapunzel wants to make some Halloween snacks. There are so many food and ingredients. Choose 3 of them to create magical snacks. If you successfully create a cute and delicious snack and feed it to Rapunzel, there will be Halloween surprises! But if you choose the wrong combination, it will become something disgusting. Ewwww...Check the Hint button if you need help! Have fun!
Halloween is coming! Are you ready to host your Halloween party? I have a spooktacular cupcake recipe that you must try. Your friends are gonna love this! Let's play this fun cooking game and learn how to make and decorate the Halloween cupcakes! When your friends see those Frankenstein cupcakes, monster strawberry cupcakes, devil cupcakes and zombie brain cupcakes, i'm sure they will be amazed! Have fun playing this fun cooking game called Spooktacular Halloween Cupcakes!
Ariel is a hat lover. She has so many different hats. But she feels her hats are a bit boring, could you help her DIY with various colors, patterns and cute accessories? You could use many stickers to decorate the hats. Or use many colors to make the hat unique. Use your talent and creation to design and DIY a cute hat for Ariel! Then select a gorgeous outfits for her to match with her new hat! Have fun!
Hollywood Superstar Hillary comes to your beauty salon! She needs to prep for the red carpet tonight. Let's start with a nice manicure for our super star. Use different tools to provide a nice treatment to her hands and get her nails polished. Then apply cosmetics to create a wonderful red carpet look for her. The most important thing is to choose a gorgeous gown and match with sparkling accessories for the evening. Hillary will surely become the most eye-catching superstar on the red carpet with your help! Have fun!
The pearl princess Barbara is preparing for a party. Could you give her a makeover? First let's give her a cute makeup using these accessories. Then choose a cute top and a sparkly tail for her look. Don't forget to style her hair, too. We surely know her favorite accessories are pearls. So choose your favorite pearl jewelries to complete her look. Have fun!
Baby Barbara wishes she could have a dream castle of her own. Let's help create and decorate her dream castle! Choose from 2 different castle shapes. Build the castle by dragging the parts in position. Costumize the castle colors, doors, windows and flags. Then dress up baby Barbara like a real disney princess with these cute disney costumes and accessories. Have fun!
Barbara is a huge fan of Kendall Jenner, the supermodel and fashion icon. She loves Kendall's style so much and dreams of meeting Kendall in person someday. Now here is the chance for Barbara. Take a quiz to see how well Barbara knows about Kendall. If Barbara knows Kendall well enough, she could meet Kendall and discuss about fashion and style. But before that, help Barbara choose a perfect outfit. Try to follow the signature dress code of Kendall. Don't forget to match some accessories! Have a good time with Kendall! Have fun!
The ever after high princesses Raven Queen and Apple White want to fight against their fate as a royal or rebel and be themselves. So in this dress up game call Raven and Apple: Royal and Rebel, Apple White will become a dark queen and Raven Queen will be an adorable princess. Could you give them a makeover?
Little Minions are good at anything. When it comes to desserts, they are masters. Play this fun cooking game and let the minions teach you how to make macaroons step by step. When the macaroons are ready to serve, the minions wants to decorate them a bit with funny faces and cute accessories. Have fun cooking with minions!
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